Genting Highland 2009 (Mama Birthday)

Wow…luckily I went Genting Highland before this exhibition.

This trip was bring me close to my Grandmother and my family. I felt happy when together with them. Most of the people go Genting play in the Theme Park or Gambling. But I go there TiDUR(Sleep). muahaha…..But there is the best place for me release my stress…..

Here some picture from this trip.
This girl ya, naughty very much, but make me happy many time when I was not happy. When see her I will forget all my sad thing. She is my 1 year plus Naughty niece

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Follow by my Family……I’m proud that I have my parent where they always guide me to the right way. There is a sentence really meaningful that “Your Parent won’t guide to the death road”

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