Bayan Baru Area Getting Worst……

I just back from my girl friend house. Tonight, I felt that the journey back from Sg.Pinang to Jalan Mashuri 4 was really difference and weirdly along the journey from previous. Last time, I wouldn’t feel much hole on the road while I am driving. Nowadays, there are many sound such as “kling kong” while I pass through the main road before Bayan Baru Sunshine Market Traffic Light as well as the main road in-front the Cristal Point building. It is more worst after you came down from the fly over beside QB until the Cristal point building main road traffic light. I can feel I was sit on the Roller Coaster, up and down, up and down.

Nevermind, do you know that the road side light is not function in this pass few day.It also happened between Cristal point building main road and also the road before Bayan Baru Sunshine Market Traffic Light. I can say that I pass through this road from Sunday(18-Oct-2009) until Wednesday(21-Oct-2009), no one is going to fix the light.

May I know if there is any issue for the Penang Government. I am not saying Penang Government did not do anything. They are doing well in highlighting the best of Penang, they run many events to attract more Visitors/tourists/investors come into Penang. However, they didn’t really realize the area infrastructure also play an important role for their event. If you are investors, everyday you need to pass through the road like sitting the Roller Coaster, do you think you will continue invest in that country. Besides that, every night you need to travel in the darkness area, do you think you are safe in that area?

Other than the above, something just appear in my mind that the road side/divider fully growth with the un-tidy flowers, grass and the list goes on. It seems no one is taking care on the road side/divider deceleration.

Last but not least, one of the Penang annually big event “Penang Bridge Marathon” is coming soon. If not mistaken, it’s only held nearby the area I mentioned above. I hope Penang Government immediately take the action to improve the Bayan Baru area image.

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