Everything Start from Zero Again

What is TRUST?

How to build a TRUST?

Where you can get the TRUST?

Who can give you her/his TRUST?

When can TRUST fully build to your partner?

All this question mark suddenly come out from my mind. You cannot TRUST a person it is because his/her HISTORY? No matter how, TRUST is very important in a relationship, business, friendship, family and so on.

When a TRUST is build into a relationship, doesn’t means you can do anything as you like. When a TRUST doesn’t build in the relationship, you better do not lie to her/him. Once we lie, all the effort/TRUST you do before will totally disappear in this relationship. How good/well your explanation and excuse also no use. LIE is LIE.

Yes. Sometime we have to be more forgiveness, but being a nice person, you will hurt more and more. You have done once, meaning seconds, third or more will continuing in the future. Your promise will not be my promise at all. The promise is equal to ZERO.

Relationship = TRUST = Believing = Happiness = NO Worry = Happy Ending

Worse Relationship = NO TRUST = No Believing = Sadness = Worry = End with ZERO

If you have been cheated, how can the TRUST be rebuild? Question mark again? Life full with Question Mark?

How to do?

What can do now?

Where shall it strat?

When can fully cover?

Who should responsible?


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